Long-term-value data created by the BIOPOLE programme contributors will be preserved in dedicated data repositories following the FAIR data principles. Data sets will be available from the UK Polar Data Centre (UK PDC), the Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC) or the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC). Relevant data repository records will be linked using their persistent identifiers and the keyword ‘BIOPOLE’ used in each data catalogue record to facilitate discovery of the data as one collection.

Data are released under the Open Government Licence, v3 as soon as possible, with a possible embargo on some data for up to two years from the end of data collection.

All research publications arising from BIOPOLE will include a statement on how the supporting data and any other relevant research materials can be accessed, following the NERC Data Policy and UKRI open access policy. A formal data citation will be generated and included in the publication’s references list together with a permanent unique DOI assigned to the dataset.

BIOPOLE Data Access

BIOPOLE Datasets from the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions can be accesses using the DOI links in the table below.

Click on the icons below to view distribution of the available data on the map. Within the map click on the red points to view details of each dataset and to zoom to the map.

1Macronutrient, temperature and salinity measurements made around the island of South Georgia and the wider Scotia Sea, the Antarctic Peninsula, and in the Bellingshausen Sea between 1980 and 2009 (2023) Whitehouse, M., Hendry, K., Tarling, G., Thorpe, S., ten Hoopen, P. UK PDC,    Antarctic
2LILICOP_1.0: model of LIpids in the LIfe cycle of a high latitude COPepod, version 1.0. (2022) Anderson, T.R. Zenodo,  Arctic