Research Data Toolkit

This website introduces several resources that address various aspects of Research Data and Management (RDM), are organised into short modules and videos with focus on specific RDM topics and designed for scientists who want to get the right data habits.

The resources mentioned here are only a few examples from the RDM learning landscape, with no official BIOPOLE endorsement.

A free online module-based training material for anyone working with research data:


NERC Data Tree      

The resource funded by NERC provides structured learning as well as quick problem-solving. Modules include:

  • Data Management: key concepts, data handling and NERC environment
  • Data Applications: data analysis and visualisation
  • Data Research: working with policy, business, media and public

JISC RDM Toolkit      

The resource funded by JISC is designed to provide a support through the lifecycle of research data management. Modules include:

  • Data creation and deposit
  • Managing active data
  • Data repositories and archives
  • Data catalogues and registries

FOSTER Open Science  

The resource created by the EU-funded project FOSTER provides answers to some common questions about putting open science into practice. Modules include:

  • Open Science key concepts
  • Effective Data Sharing
  • Open Source Software and Workflows
  • Open Licencing
  • Open Access Publishing
  • Assessing the FAIRness of Data


An one-day hands-on JASMIN workshop is run on a regular bases by stuff from the Centre of Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) and aimed at novice to intermediate users who wish to further their JASMIN environment knowledge and learn best practice. The topics are also available as short youtube videos. Modules include:

  • Connecting to JASMIN and Interactive computing using a sci server
  • Transferring and sharing data and extracting variables from files in the CEDA Archive
  • Batch computing – running a script on LOTUS
  • Using Jupyter Notebooks on JASMIN

University of Cambridge RDM 

A brief guide created by the University Library to help plan, create, organise and share research material. Modules include data:

  • Creation
  • Organisation
  • Assess
  • Sharing
  • Electronic Research Notebooks